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Cheltenham Computer Repairs

Computer Repairs Are you fed up with the inconvenience of dismantling your computer and lugging it to a repair shop every time it needs service - only to be kept waiting a week or more to get it back? There's a better way - we come to you for immediate help.

If it's really desperate we can fix  SAME DAY with our EMERGENCY ONSITE SERVICE !

Computer Networking These days computer networking is an essential part of any computing environment; when problems do occur, you need fast on-site service... yesterday! Next time your network goes down, call on us to get your computers back on speaking terms.

Computer Virus & Spyware Removal Does your computer seem sick? Viruses and/or spyware might be to blame. Call in the experts to remove the infection and install a solution to protect you in the future.

We can get rid of that virus WITHOUT REINSTALLING your operating system - no Data loss, no drama.

Home & Office Wireless Networking Fed up with those cables? Wireless technology has come a long way over recent years. Go wireless and say goodbye to those unsightly network cables forever!

Internet Security & Firewalls Is your computer and/or network secure? With the massive growth of the Internet, Internet security has become extremely important.

Data Recovery & Backup How valuable is your data? Data backup is too often overlooked by users until they have a bad experience with data loss. Losing data through hardware failure or accidental deletion can be a disaster. We are your best chance to recover your data.

We have a high success rate in recovering your files and data from all sorts of different media.

Buying or Upgrading Your Computer Is your computer struggling to keep up with you? Is it too slow? Or perhaps it doesn't have enough space? It may be in need of upgrading.

Worried about the high cost of hardware upgrades - we may be able to fit pre-owned parts or even trade-in your unit against one of our quality warranted pre-owned systems.

Computer Support Services

We provide ongoing computer support for businesses requiring a reliable service provider. Our computer technicians are accredited in a broad range of skills so we can assure you support for your specific situation.

Fixing & Troubleshooting Computers

Home users and business environments can encounter computer troubles at any time. Our accredited team are expert troubleshooters - whatever your problem, we've seen it before. Count on us to fix your problem quickly with minimum fuss.

Computer Service & Maintenance

PCs need servicing like cars to keep at top performance. Our Engineers can ensure smooth & rapid progress through the IT world.

  Computer Help & Training

We specialise in providing all kinds of computer help for our customers - not just repairs, upgrades, troubleshooting - we also provide informal one-on-one training where you can learn at your own pace with a friendly CCR tutor.

Just The Best Computer Technicians

There's more to being a CCR technician than being a geek. Our technicians are not only great technically, they're also great people. When you deal with our technicians you'll notice they won't talk to you in techno-babble - they'll explain what they're doing and why in plain English.